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ARS Clownfish is a company that specializes in online retail of designer clownfish. You will find both singles and pairs of clownfish on our website, however the pairs are not bonded, unless specified otherwise in their description. Additionally, you will find all available designer clownfish to be captive bred from a variety of breeders ranging from small local businesses to reknown companies. All of our fish are WYSIWYG. Although captive bred fish don't tend to have diseases as opposed to wild caught fish, regardless we quarantine all fish that enter our facility for at least 2 weeks to ensure that they are completely healthy and eating well. We also recommend all shoppers to quarantine them as well after purchasing. Thank you for choosing to support us, and have a good shopping experience! 

Bali Black Picasso Clownfish

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Northridge, CA 91343 USA

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